Nature is a special place. Most places are made by humans. Yet the most beautiful thing on earth isn't made by a person. It is nature itself. The big forests, great rivers and even bigger mountains. 

We can't be without nature. We need it for the fresh air, it is the home for all the animals and the place for us, humans, to relax. I mean, what is better than a long walk in a big forest during sunset? Even though it is so special, most of the time we take nature for granted. 
I think we should take a closer look at nature to discover all the secrets and beautiful things nature has to offer. Go on a walk in the park next to your home or go exploring in a forest far away from home. In this fast world we need to remember to enjoy nature, don't take it for granted and learn to protect our nature. We have to be aware that we have to be careful with nature and protect it so all the next generations can experience the beauty of nature. 
Remember, we need nature. Nature doesn't need us. If we f**k this world up, we die and nature returns. That is the truth. 



Mike's nature Photo's is the brand name of Mike, based in the Netherlands. Mike is a eighteen year old nature photographer who also likes a lot of art en designing. Since Mike was a little kid he liked the nature and the art of photography. He started making photos with his phone. A few years later it was time for his first Nikon camera.


Now in 2024 Mike still likes the nature a lot, long forest walks and sunsets are his favorites. Yet, there changed something. Mike is a lot in the nature but barely touches his Nikon camera anymore. He just does not feel the need to, or is he just lazy?

Even without a Nikon camera you can have fun! Mike uses this website for all his projects. Not only nature photos anymore. When Mike has a good idea, he puts it on the website. 


As being said, Mike loves the nature, but there is one thing that he likes even more: helping people and work with children. That is why Mike wants to become a teacher in the future. Mike finished his education as teaching assistant and is now studying to become a primary school teacher. This is Mikes goal since he was on a primary school himself! wow!

Mike hopes that he can use his creativity, and inspire children to stay creative!


Mike has already made a lot of different works of art and is planning on making even more in the future.

His favorite color is green, just like his brand colors. 


With a little touch of green here, and another touch there, Mike recreated this website and made some changes. We want to focus more on the beautiful things nature has to offer and how we can help to protect the world. You can say we are slowly rebranding Mike's Nature Photo's in more than only pictures. 


Since 2024 we are using AI on this website. We use AI to create covers for projects and help us with creative ideas. Isn't that cool!?


Creativity is key and with creative ideas every problem has a solution!


We have to protect the nature. This is an important subject and I want to talk more about it. Small changes and projects to appreciate the nature is my goal. How can we help and how can we chance our habits into eco friendly actions? I want to combine these subjects with the beauty of nature in new projects. 


Green = cool! I like the color green and it's a sign of something good, accepted and completed. It's the color of nature. My favorite color. That's why we made the whole website green! Great isn't it? 


Together we can save the world! Make sure that nature is here forever and that we don't destroy it, or even better, make the nature even more beautiful. With small actions for the world we can achieve this. We care about the world.