Some things are normal. They are common, you see them a lot and there is noting special about them.

They are deadly normal. 


But is that true?

If you think about it, that rose is special.

It needs to grow, before it was only a seed.

Those leaves look like a maze, it fits perfectly.

And that long green stick, drinks water.


Roses are known worldwide, and used for different reasons. 

There are so many of these roses in the world.

There are different colors, but it's still a simple rose.


Take a closer look, a rose is a masterpiece.

Just like so many other small things.

Even when things are common, don't take them for granted.

A fresh cut rose stands for only one week, After that it dies.


Don't take all the small common things for granted.

If you are in a dessert, with only sand, you wish you could find a rose. 


Enjoy all the small things in your life, years and days. 

Every day is a miracle and when you start looking at these small things,

The world becomes much more beautiful.


Don't wait too long, don't skip the small things. 

Normal things are deadly. If you wait too long...

...they are dying.