We found a monolith?

Published on 1 December 2020 at 11:54

It all started when someone posted a picture of a weird triangular pole. It was going viral and everyone was talking about it. How did it end up there? Since when was it there or did aliens place it? Can you remember that photo? That one was found in the middle of a dessert in a sort of cave. In a short amount of time more of these mysterious poles were showing up, all around the world. 


It was a normal day, and I was scrolling on my phone untill I saw a news article: 'mysterious monolith appeared in the Netherlands.' I got exited and wanted to see one with my own eyes. We were going to the monolith.


After a few minutes of searching we found it! It was kinda big, and was next to a little pond. As you can see on my photo, above this text, the monolith was standing in the wet ground. If it was placed here by humans, as some kind of joke: why aren't there any traces of a machine who placed this thing here? It's so big and so deep in the ground that it is almost impossible to do this without a machine. And to make this even weirder, the next day the monolith was suddently gone. 


Anyways, this weird appearance made it to the news, including my photo's.


Dutch Review asked to use my photo and now it is still shining on their news article and on google. 


What do you think? Aliens? Humans? Just a joke? We will never know. But it will always be a good story.