The place from my dreams

Published on 11 November 2023 at 16:00

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The video in the TikTok was made in Barcelona. I made it there when I went on a sunrise paddelboarding morning. It was early in the morning and I woke up from my alarm. I pressed the snooze button and after 5 minutes I got out of bed. I ate my breakfast, put my clothes on and packed my bag. When I got everything, I left my apartment. It was dark and cold outside. I had a 10 minute walk from my apartment to the metro station. There was almost no one outside. When I reached the Metro station, I walked inside. There was no one. It was quiet. The sound of the metro came closer, and you felt the shaking of the rails on the ground. The metro arrived, I walked in, chose a seat and put my headphones on. 


15 minutes later, I left the metro. It was close to the beach in Barcelona and it got lighter outside, the sun was about to rise. I followed the route I got on google maps and arrived at a house. I waited there and a woman came outside. I was the first person there. She was busy, she walked around, got her paddleboards and took the swimsuits outside. After a few minutes more people came waiting. When everyone arrived we chose a paddleboard and put our swimsuits on. We were ready to go.


We walked to the beach, it was close to the house. The sand below our feets was cold. It was quiet on the beach. We stepped into the water, climbed on our paddleboard and followed the waves of the sea.


You slowly went up and down, following the calm waves of the sea. The water was cold, but it was warm inside your wetsuit. We looked at the horizon and the sun slowly rised above the sea. The sky turned orange and you felt the sunshine on your skin. It was about to get a sunny day in Barcelona. While the sun was almost above the horizon, you heard a bird. After the bird sound it was quiet again. You were slowly floating in the sea while the sun showed the most beautiful colors ever, the only sound you could hear were the sound of the waves... It was early in the morning but I wondered; 



'Am I dreaming or does this place really exist?'




And I was right, It was real and not a dream. When I look back at this morning I feel gratefull that I could experience something like that. It was a very special morning. Deep inside, I wanted to stay in that moment forever. Forever on the sea.