Somewhere in the stars

Published on 10 December 2023 at 13:00

There is a place, somewhere in Barcelona. Outside the crowded city, on top of a hill. A beautiful place with an amazing view. 


Follow me to the top of this place, because it is on a small mountain. You can choose two different ways to reach the top. Take the stairs or go trough the small village. We are going to take that last path. We stepped out of the metro and started walking. After a few minutes you felt that the ground went up, it was a mountain. While you walked further you came across small shops, narrow one way roads for cars and a bus stop. We are walking for 10 minutes and now it became something like climbing. The small road you were following went almost straight up. We came across a few tourists, they were out of breath and said 'hello'. 10 minutes later you saw the top. On the top of the mountain was an old 'bunker'. That's also the name of this place, 'bunkers'. You climbed up the small stairs and heard the sound of talking people. You reached the top and, wow. All out of breath of the climb you see this:



You ended up in a crowd of people, all sitting on small rugs with some drinks and chips, waiting for the sunset. You found a place to sit, and sat down on a stone wall of the bunkers. You looked down, into the city. From this place you could see the whole city of Barcelona. You could see the sea, beach and the largest buildings, like the Sagrada Familia, were peaking out above all the other houses. The sun went down, so you enjoyed the golden hour sunrays on the city of Barcelona. Everything got a orange glow. 



The sun went down behind a few other mountains and the sky turned into a rainbow of thousand different colors. Every minute, no, every second the sky and clouds changed into different shapes and colors. Orange, red, pink, yellow and even purple? It was a true show, the show of the sun, the sky with her clouds and the earth with her moon. Because on the other side the moon came up. It was a full moon today. The perfect day for a full moon hike, like the photo below.



It was dark. The sun was down and now the moon was lighting up the city. You could see the glow in the waves of the sea. Slowly the stars appeared. There you were, on the top of a hill in Barcelona with the most beautiful view ever. Thousands of stars shined in the sky, right above you. You were truly somewhere in the stars.....