The sticker project is the most fun project you can find on this website, or actually, you can't find it on the website. You can find them in real life. Mike is placing his own stickers in the Netherlands since 2020 and at this moment you can find the stickers in almost every part of the Netherlands. Can you find my stickers? Get some help and look at the locations below. If you found one don't forget to send me a picture! 




Currently we are in a few other countries! We have one sticker in Belgium, France, two stickers in Spain and two in Germany!

We are becoming famous in the world! ;)

Mike always liked stickers. When he was young he used to collect a lot of different stickers. In 2020 Mike came up with the idea of making his own stickers. He uses his stickers mostly for decoration. He likes to stick them everywere! A lot of Mike's friends have these stickers at their phone, laptop or even at their rooms at home. They are everywhere. The stickers are also a great advertisement for Mike. It doesn't happen much, but once in a while people send photos of when they found a sticker. That's funny to see! So this sticker project is mostly for fun! How cool is it to say that your own stickers are everywhere in the Netherlands!?


Mike has made 3 different stickers. They all evolved in their design. The fist sticker that he made, the black one with the red font, is Mike's really old logo. These stickers are not used anymore. The larger ones, the white one with the black font, is the first sticker with Mike's current logo. The smaller green ones are newest. They are updated with a new smaller shape, and colored in the green brand colors. The most stickers that you can find outside are the green ones. Goog luck searching for them!